Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi there blog fans!

You may have noticed that since returning from the UK this summer, our blog posts have been less newsy about what is happening in our lives right now and more of a recap on what we did this summer. This is partly because we wanted to fill you all in on our wonderful summer trip, but it has also been a convenient way to divert your attention... you see, we have some BIG news that we have not been able to post on the blog... until now!

Our BIG news?

You might want to sit down for this...


Yes, you read that right, we are COMING HOME - and we'll be back in about 5 weeks time!!!

While we were back in the UK this summer, we both felt very strongly that we both needed and wanted to move back to the UK. We want our son to be surrounded by his family as he grows up, and although California is wonderful and we will miss all the precious friends we have made out here, it is time for us to move home.

We prayed about it and then watched as the Lord maneuvered things within EA so that suddenly, having thought that it was unlikely that Ed would find employment within EA in the UK, they now had an attractive post for him, based in London and they need him to start as soon as possible! It really has been astounding!

We are likely to fly on about the 18th December (still to be confirmed with the relocation people)… and we will probably base ourselves in Wimbledon in corporate accommodation for a few months until we find somewhere to live permanently. Our home in Arborfield is being rented out until April and we have decided that, although in many ways it would be lovely to move back to our familiar ‘hood’ (and our much-loved church!), the commute into Kensington (where Ed’s new job is based) would be a couple of hours each way and Ed would not get to see Daniel during the week. So we have decided to move to south west London, where lots of Ed’s family are based.

We are so sorry if this is the first you're hearing of this – but it has all happened so quickly, we have not had the chance to speak to each of you personally! And we couldn't blog about this sooner because Ed had to wait until everyone within EA who would be affected by his move knew before we went public...

We are SO excited to be coming home. LA is wonderful, but we can't wait to be back amongst our family and friends. Do pray for us. We have a lot on and a lot to organise before we leave. Many thanks and SEE YOU SOON!!!