Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I don't know how (since I've not really been anywhere in public), but I have caught a cold. I felt exhausted all weekend, but put it down to cumulative sleep deprivation... then on Monday I started feeling ill and it developed into a full blown cold yesterday.

As soon as I realised I was getting sick, I started praying without ceasing that Daniel would be protected... but during last night he started coughing...

Protecting him from infection is THE one thing we were told we needed to do... so we are feeling pretty desperate... he doesn't have a fever and the coughing is intermittent, but we would really value prayer right now...

Also, we had booked to go away for a long weekend to Yosemite this weekend... we're going to seek the pediatrician's advice this morning - but we're preparing ourselves since we are guessing it is likely they will not think it's a good idea to take Daniel too far away if he's coming down with something...

It's a challenge to trust. I'm not sure we're managing it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ooooh - and an exciting update (for me!)... Daniel has now done 4 nights in a row where he has only woken up ONCE during the night! Wahhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Here are some more cute photos of our uber-hunk-in-the-making!

It's taken a while for me to get round to posting it, but this what Saturday morning lie-ins now look like...

Things are going well... at the pediatricians on Tuesday, we discovered that Daniel is now tracking on the low end of normal for his weight compared to FULL TERM babies born on Feb 8th! He's growing fantastically well and is already catching up with his full-term peers!

He coped for 1/2 an hour yesterday, at the respiratory clinic, without oxygen. He kept his saturation level between 93 and 98%, which means that his lungs are doing great - if it wasn't for his eyes needing almost 100% oxygen, we could start to wean straight away... as it is, it's likely he'll be on oxygen for another month or so... humph.

We've had the joy of some great friends of ours visiting over this past weekend. The Carters are old friends from University days who now live in New Zealand. We're God-parents for Tim (their oldest son) and they arranged to stop off in SFO for a few days on their way home to England for a Europe trip... it was LOVELY seeing them all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Apologies for the paucity of blog posts over the past week or so, we have been having fun with Ed's sister, Emily staying with us!

Daniel is LOVING getting to know his Aunty Frim. He's been to the beach and a restaurant for the first time, which he seemed to enjoy, and he has been thriving on all the extra cuddles! It's all been so exciting for him - he's been awake a lot more during the day and (to his Mummy's utter delight), he has been SLEEPING better during the night! Wahoooooooooo!

In honour of England's first World cup match against the USA, Daniel has been proudly sporting his 'Daddy's little dribbler' top! So sweet!